I was raised by photographers. My Mom was one in the Air Force, my Dad won first place in a Kodak contest. In our house there were always cameras around. At some point I picked one up and started shooting. After seening a book of  landscape photographs I realized I needed to learn more. I decided to entered a fine art photography school called the Milwaukee Center for Photography.

The philosophy at MCP was simple: teach students how to “see” in a finer way. My teacher was Murray Weiss, who became a cornerstone in how I came to comprehend photography. After several  years of school my vision did become clearer. The technical aspects of photography, camera control, film processing, printing all began to coalesce. I learned how my images were alike and different from others, and I started to present photographs that showed my inner being.

Following graduation, I took a job in a commercial photography studio. There I fine tuned my technical side and I became aware of what it took to really achieve high quality results. In that job I printed 40,000+ images and learned how to make prints tonal rich, and with that more expressive.   

In the years that have passed, other influences and changes in my life came to bear on my photographic taste. The two biggest were the loss of infrared film followed by the discontinuance of my favorite printing paper. I was pushed fully into the digital age. Captures are now digital. Old film images are scans. Printing is done with large pigment printers. 

This is where I am, a long way from my parents cameras. Please look at this journey as being at the mid point. For me it will always be there.

    F Fischer