These are photos made over 25+ years ago. They are early landscapes that were captured on 4x5 film. Cameras of that size are not "spontaneous". I would carry 40+ lbs of equiptment/film when using a 4x5 camera. The range, quality and the ablility to enlarge those 4x5 negatives more than made up for the slowness. I have recently started printing these "full frame", that is with the black film holder frame. Somehow it's a way for me to state what I saw completely.

Leaf in Stream, Lower Oregon 1984

Tree Car II, GreenBay WI, 1994

Mt Winnemucca NV, 1984

Ecola Beach Oregon, 1992

Trees Fog Wyalusing WI, 1985

2 Trees Clearwater Walls Oregon, 1985

Gas Pump, Silver Islet Ontario, 1983

Dune, Oregon, 1985

Sheepskin Building Milwaukee, 1982

Dead Tree Monument Valley, 1999

Waterfall, Oregon, 1985